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The best method for contacting me is through email.

Electronic Communication


Phone: 505 844 8919

If you need to send me an email with private information, you can do so using my public PGP key available from this link to encrypt it. You should be able to import this key into a PGP-compatible program such as Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG).

Mail and Deliveries

Sandia National Laboratories has two destinations for physical correspondence. There is a post office box code when sending things through the US. Post Office and an address location for package deliveries from other carriers.

USPS Post Office Box

Kenneth Moreland
P.O. Box 5800
Mail Stop 1326
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1326


Kenneth Moreland
1515 Eubank SE
Mail Stop 1326
Albuquerque, NM 87123


Sandia is a big place, and going to our mail distribution center won't help you find me. My office is in the Cyber Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL). CERL is conveniently located outside of Kirtland Air Force Base. This makes visiting easier, but remember that you still need to prearrange your visit to get appropriately badged. Please do not arrive without making arrangements first. Also do not send mail directly to this building.

CERL is located at 10700 Research Road, which is at the intersection of Research Road and Innovation Parkway. The parking lot and front door are located opposite the road. The most straightforward way to get to the building is to take Research Road straight from Eubank. Most visitors get a badge from the badge office first. The badge office is located in the IPOC building at 1611 Innovation Parkway SE. Many people find it more convenient to take Innovation Parkway, which comes from Eubank to the North and then loops around CERL and IPOC back to Eubank at the South. Both locations are shown on the map below.

My office is CERL/157. Most people find the CERL layout quite labyrinthine. To find my way around, I find it helpful to think of CERL as divided into West and East wings. Each wing has a loop that you can follow where the room numbers increase in the clockwise direction. To get to my office, head right from reception (to the East wing), then turn left and follow clockwise to the right until you reach room 157 at the north side of the building.

SAND 2015-4836 W